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What a difference a year makes: Celebrating our first cohort!

This August we brought our first ever cohort to a close. Here, we share a video of our brilliant End of Year event, and Amara - our Summer Programme Intern - shares more about the event.

Videography by Melissa Morgan


Our end of year celebration was the first time that many of our mentoring pairs met in person for the first time, and it was the perfect way to draw our first cohort’s journey to a close.

For Ernesta, one of our mentees, the event was a chance “to bond with other mentors and mentees and celebrate the journey that we have all been on.” With balloons hung and food on the table, the scene was set for what turned out to be a magical evening!

In between games, mentors and mentees shared about the difference that mentoring had made to their lives. Girls who had previously shied away from public speaking were now expressing their thoughts confidently, sharing the clarity they’d developed on their career path, and the personal growth they attributed to mentoring. Our mentors too had learnt a lot, explaining how inspired they were by their mentees’ character and drive, and how they had really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of their mentees’ journeys. A few happy tears were shed!

The mentoring pairs soon grabbed some props, ready to take polaroid pictures at our makeshift photo booth. As creative and eager as ever, the mentees began to use the photo frames and stickers from their goody bags to decorate their new polaroids, and the mentors soon followed, creating another opportunity for them to bond.

“I don’t think there could have been a better event for us to meet our mentors. Everyone had fun and felt comfortable.”

- Caitlyn, Mentee 2020-21

We are very grateful to our first cohort for their enthusiastic approach to mentoring, and for how they have shaped The Catalyst over the past 8 months. We also appreciate everyone who contributed to this celebration, from hosting us to doing videography. Thank you all for making the end of year celebration such a fantastic event.


Words by Amara Agwo

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