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We're feeling UnLtd!

We are thrilled to announce that we have received an award from UnLtd, the UK’s foundation for social entrepreneurs! The award provides both start up funding and tailored business support. This will significantly help The Catalyst to widen our positive impact on Black teenage girls across London.

At The Catalyst Collective, our mentoring programme aims to uplift the next generation of Black women, creating a ripple effect that reaches into their homes, schools and future workplaces. We firmly believe in the power of mentoring, and are delighted that we've bene successful in receiving UnLtd's support with this vision.

Their funding over the next 12 months will help The Catalyst to continue developing, and make this year’s programme the best it can be. It will help us to build and consolidate our programme infrastructure and developing our communication to current and prospective schools, parents and mentors. We're pleased to be working with a graphic designer to help us express our identity,. We'll also be fully developing our events programme, including a scaled up End of Year Celebration event and workshops for our mentees.

We look forward to benefiting from UnLtd’s bespoke package of support, which will help us monitor our impact and ensure that our organisation is sustainable so many future cohorts of Black girls and Black women will be able to become part of the Collective.

Huge thanks to UnLtd for the award, and for being our first funders! We look forward to working with you.


If you would like to find out more about UnLtd, please visit their website at

Words by Amara Agwo

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