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The Catalyst goes to Parliament!

In late April, Chloe, our programme director, and Jemimah, one of our mentees, had the exciting opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament! This was thanks to NCS, one of our fantastic supporters. Here is what Jemimah had to say about the experience.


I was thrilled to share my incredible experience at the launch of the NCS and DofE programme's education and enrichment final report! Held at the Palace of Westminster, it was filled with energy, passion, and a genuine sense of purpose. Accompanied by the founder of The Catalyst Collective as a mentee from the program, I was immersed in a room filled with authors from The Centre for Education and Youth, along with various speakers including the CEO of DofE, UK Youth, and the dynamic young activist, Rachael Oloyede. Her incredible dedication to driving change was palpable and left everyone inspired! 

I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity to have met and engaged with such remarkable individuals at the event. The impact of a broader curriculum is profound, with the potential to enhance mental health by addressing issues of depression and anxiety faced by many young people. Being in the company of leaders and global change makers who view education as a catalyst for change was truly inspiring. I'm immensely grateful to The Catalyst and NCS for inviting me to be part of this journey. 

One aspect that particularly struck a chord with me was the significance of providing young people access to a broader curriculum that nurtures essential skills and connections within a supportive environment. Empowering youth to voice their ideas and shape society is imperative. I'm motivated and excited about the future, knowing that today's youth are not just passive observers but capable leaders who can drive meaningful change.

Thank you to NCS for inviting us to be part of this experience!

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