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My Catalyst Summer

With summer now a distant memory, our first ever Summer Programme Intern, Amara Agwo reflects back on her 6 weeks interning with the Catalyst.


Faced with a long summer in the run up to my first year at university, I decided to do something a little different with my time. Through my connection to Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy, The Catalyst’s first partner school, I heard about the programme and wanted to get involved. So, in July, I began my internship. As someone who wants to work in the charity sector in the future, I have found interning with The Catalyst Collective to be a really helpful experience.

Right from the start, I felt that my role was valued and meaningful, as I was able to discuss with Chloe what my expectations were and what I hoped to achieve. For example, I mentioned that I enjoy writing, and that I would like to practice these skills in a more professional context. I have now had many opportunities to write articles for this blog that you are reading!

I have really enjoyed all the tasks I’ve been working on, as well as the flexibility of my remote internship. There has certainly been no lack of things to do, from helping to match the 2021/22 mentoring cohort, to developing the mentoring resource pack and session plans.

The highlight of my internship was definitely the end of year celebration, which I also helped to organise. I found it very moving to hear from the mentors and mentees how the programme had impacted them. It was a chance for me to see the real people behind everything I’d been doing on a screen, and it made me realise the true impact the Catalyst is having.

The next exciting step for me is heading to University College London to study European, Social and Political Studies. It will enable me to learn from lots of subject areas that I love, and it will hopefully equip me to make a difference. This has always been my goal, and it is why I feel proud to have been a part of The Catalyst Collective this summer. Although I’m still figuring it out, I know my internship has set a foundation for what I hope to do in the future. And, as a black girl, I am proud to have helped uplift other black women through this programme.

I would definitely recommend interning with The Catalyst if you are in year 13 or a university student. It is a great way to gain work experience and develop knowledge and skills whilst having a real impact.


Inspired by Amara? If you're interested in playing a role in Team Catalyst, please get in touch at

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