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Law Insight Day at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

In October 2023, aspiring lawyers from across our mentoring programmes visited Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. The day was meticulously organised, featuring a series of engaging sessions designed to offer insights into the daily life of a lawyer. A huge thank you to Clemmie and the team at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors for hosting us.

Here's how two Catalyst mentees, Jemimah and Britnel, found the day:

Jemimah, Year 12

Visiting Irwin Mitchell Solicitors was a transformative experience that opened my eyes to the world of law and left me inspired for the future. I signed up for the Irwin Mitchell Insight Day for a few reasons. I wanted to:

1. Immerse myself in a legal workplace.

2. Learn more about different routes into and roles available within a law firm.

3. Understand what a day in the life of a law firm looks like.

Most importantly, I wanted to use this experience as a test to determine if law was my true calling!

One highlight of the day was participating in a riveting debate on the regulation of and issues surrounding e-scooters. For the debate, we had to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to come up with points in favour or against the motion. I loved working collaboratively with my team, confidently presenting our ideas and arguments. Though the verdict was a draw, I'm convinced my team won!

Another highlight was listening to a presentation by Angela Jackman KC, Partner at Irwin Mitchell and Windrush generation descendant who has achieved remarkable success in the legal field despite facing countless challenges. Her story was truly inspiring and I'm grateful to the Catalyst Collective for the opportunity to meet such an amazing woman!

What did I learn from my time at Irwin Mitchell? One key takeaway was the flexibility and benefits of apprenticeships, which combine real work experience with theoretical learning at a local university. The revelation that apprenticeships allow you to make money without accumulating student loan debt and while gaining qualified lawyer status was enlightening. Hearing from current apprentices shattered myths and answered questions I've always had about doing an apprenticeship. As a result of this experience, I'm motivated to seek more work experience opportunities and explore both university and apprenticeship options.

My trip to Irwin Mitchell has left me with a newfound determination to pursue my dreams. Whether that’s in law or another field, I can't wait to see where the path ahead takes me.

Britnel, Year 12

As I plan to pursue a career in the law in future, visiting Irwin Mitchell Solicitors seemed like a great place to start and it definitely lived up to expectations!

At Irwin Mitchell, we met a number of talented employees including young people on their apprenticeship scheme. Through speaking with them, many of us came away inspired to seriously consider the option of apprenticeships.

After going on a tour of the offices, we heard from solicitors from the human rights and financial departments about how their lives have been transformed working here. We also took part in a lively debate about whether e-scooters should be banned - leaving debaters on both sides curious to find out more!

What stuck with me personally was an employee sharing her experience of handling an inquest and other cases. Another memorable moment was when another employee recounted how she successfully advocated in court for a Black boy to be able to wear cornrows at secondary school in Harrow. What an achievement!

I learned a lot from my time at Irwin Mitchell. One thing I’m taking away from the experience is that even if you’re feeling unsure about your future, there’s always an end goal. It’s ok if things don’t always go as planned - sometimes a change in can lead to something better. Overall, visiting Irwin Mitchell reinforced that I do want to study law in the future and hopefully working there one day will be an option. Thank you so much Irwin Mitchell for having us!

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